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  • 5 reasons teachers should attend the Teacher Education SeminarMarch 14, 2018

    If you are a North Dakota educator, here are 5 reasons you should attend the Teacher Education Seminar:


    1. Earn credits

    Our Teacher Education Seminar is designed to help you fulfill your professional development requirements. Participants will be eligible for two professional development credits from MSU, NDSU or UND. These credits may be used for general teacher license renewals. The university will charge a fee to participants wanting the optional credit.


    1. Tour the oilfield

    This is a rare opportunity. Period. The North Dakota Petroleum Council and its members are only able to accommodate a few tours a year, and one of them is reserved for you, our educators. On this tour, you’ll visit a drilling rig, a production site, a natural gas plant, a reclamation site, a refinery, and more. This is an experience very few people get, so don’t miss out!


    1. Get acquainted with the industry changing North Dakota

    This is a fast-paced, always changing industry that is on the cutting edge of technology. And, it impacts a lot more than the price at the gas tank. This seminar will cover the science behind the formation of our energy resources, how its recovered, how it impacts our economy and the funding of our priorities, and much, much more. The lessons learned go beyond earth sciences and translate into big opportunities in nearly every economic sector.


    1. Get insight on energy jobs and careers

    Speaking of big opportunities, the oil and gas industry helps support more than 70,000 jobs in North Dakota—that’s 20 percent of the state’s private sector jobs. Those opportunities are only growing.


    By 2035, our industry is projected to have almost 1.9 million new job opportunities nationwide, with women and minorities accounting for hundreds of thousands of them. Millennials are projected to account for 41 percent of our workforce in 2035, up from 34 percent today.


    These positions go well beyond the stereotypical “roughnecks.” A large share of the potential jobs—about 32%—would be in scientific and managerial occupations, e.g., petroleum engineers, most of which require a college degree. An even larger majority require skills and training that are offered at our two-year colleges. Make sure you have the information you need to prepare your students for a bright and prosperous career.


    1. Learn hands-on activities to take back to the classroom

    What is frac fluid and how is it made? Exactly how was the Williston Basin and the Bakken formed? What is a core sample?


    We explain these topics and more with hands-on activities that you can take back to the classroom and incorporate into lessons that fit North Dakota’s curriculum standards.


    BONUS: This seminar is free to attend and includes all course materials, three nights lodging on the BSC campus and most meals in conjunction with the seminar.


    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore one of the largest industries in North Dakota. To learn more or register, visit www.EnergyofNorthDakota.com/TES.