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  • A State Program Reclaims Land Affected by Oil-ProductionJuly 16, 2015

    KXNet.com – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND

    Spills coming from oil production have become common over the last few years.
    When no company takes responsibility for a costly cleanup, a new government program steps in.

    It’s a new era for North Dakota.
    With an exploding oil industry comes a thriving economy.
    But byproducts of oil production can poison the land.

    “The produced water is really toxic to normal vegetation so it pretty much kills it.” says Shane Stockdill, Golder Associates
    When Shane Stockdill came to this site near Watford city, he could see what some 80 barrels of spilled oil production water had done.
    “There are patches of dead grass pretty much all throughout this basin.  And there was snow on the ground when this first happened.  So when it melted, and as it melted the run off kinda carried it down the stream.” he says
    After discovery, Stockdill’s company started the process of cleaning up.

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