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  • from January 2015

    From oil wells to eyelashes, wait — what?

    Danielle Wente | Shale Plays Media Very few associate 1860s oil wells with women’s smiling faces, but in an odd way they go hand-in-hand.  Or shall I say, eyelash-in-eyelash. It all began in 1865 when Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22-year-old chemist, decided to leave the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania, and return to his laboratory in Brooklyn,…


    January Newsletter: Introducing the norm of NORM

    MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR JANUARY 2015     UNDERSTANDING NORM AND TENORM – THEY’RE MORE NORMAL THAN YOU THINKPublic hearings on Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Material (TENORM) begin today. NORM and TENORM have been in the news a lot lately, but what exactly are they? Are they dangerous? Radioactivity sounds scary, but it’s really quite misunderstood and a lot…