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  • Energy of North Dakota Newsletter from October 2016

    September: Name the sources of rising methane emissions…Survey Says!

    MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR SEPTEMBER 2016     NAME A SOURCE OF RISING METHANE EMISSIONS… If you guess cow burps, you just scored points for your team on Family Feud, but if you guessed fossil fuels, you gained a strike and failed to get on the board. A study recently released by researchers at the Royal Holloway, University…


    August: Then and now: How rural North Dakota has schooled the “Emptied Prairie”

    MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR AUGUST 2016     BAKKEN BRINGS EDUCATION BACK BIGGER AND BETTER THAN BEFORE It’s Back to School time, and what better way to bring it back than with some lessons on petroleum? Did you know that petroleum plays a crucial part of your education? From iPads and computers to backpacks, tablets and pens, petroleum…