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  • Bakken Expo: Optimism about ND oil futureJuly 29, 2015

    The Bakken is the rock formation that has been known for producible oil reserves in western North Dakota.  Today at The Bakken Expo local businesses were optimistic about how business in the Bakken could affect Grand Forks.

    “We’re just trying to spark up some new customers and see what happens,” said Ryan Gregoire co-owner of Bert’s of Bert’s Truck Equiptment.

    Gregoire and his brother just bought out their father for ownership. The fourth generation family-run company has been doing business in East Grand Forks since 1939. Today they are trying to get into the oil field business.

    “We can accommodate to these oil field guys with their service rigs their flatbed service bodies stuff like that. Tool boxes latter boxes all that stuff,” Gregoire said.

    They aren’t the only ones doing business in Western North Dakota.

    “The Bakken is very imporant to the Grand Forks business community,” said Barry Wilfahrt the President and CEO of Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce. “Currently we have roughly 110 businesses who are doing business out in the Bakken.” Continue reading…