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  • Betting on the Bakken’s futureSeptember 22, 2016

    Continental shares forecasts and indicators for the Bakken field

    By Renée Jean [email protected]

    Continental Resources, the company that bills itself as America’s oil champion, came out swinging at the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting, with a comprehensive look at oil’s future in the Bakken.

    Continental is one of the Bakken’s top 20 oil producers, producing 12 to 13 percent of the state’s production the past six years. Fully two-thirds of the company’s production is in the Bakken, the company’s president Jack Stark said.

    “You are not getting rid of us for a while,” he said.

    The Bakken shakes out in the top quartile of 100 oil-producing countries in the world, according to figures he shared. 

    “That is countries,” he stressed, “not plays. There are only 10 fields that produce 1 million barrels per day or more. That is an amazing feat. You look at that, and you have to say the Bakken has had a huge impact. How did it even get here? How could you have a field of this scale show up? It has become a template for tight oil worldwide.”

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