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  • Bismarck Tribune: Trails open nature’s beauty to everyoneJuly 24, 2015

    A gem in western North Dakota just got brighter recently when the two segments of the Maah Daah Hey Trail were linked. Now bikers, hikers and horseback riders can enjoy 150 miles of nature’s beauty.

    The northern section of the trail opened in 1999 and offers 100 miles of trails that take people from Sully Creek State Park south of Medora through Theodore Roosevelt National Park, national grasslands and private property. Riders and hikers can enjoy the Badlands with fascinating rock formations, hills dotted with buffalo or wild horses and challenging trails winding up buttes.

    It’s a great experience that can be done in one trip over a number of days or broken down into several day trips. It’s a chance to ride, hike and camp. When the first stretch of the trail opened it quickly became a tourism favorite of bikers. It’s been highly ranked in national publications as a great adventure for bikers.

    The south section of the trail was completed last summer but the sections weren’t linked until this month. The south section, called The Deuce by some, provides a great overlook of the Bully Pulpit Golf Course 300 feet below. The trail eventually takes people to the Burning Coal Veins Campground near Amidon. Continue reading…