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  • Breakthroughs are fueling the BakkenSeptember 26, 2016

    By Renée Jean [email protected]

    MINOT — Operators have been saying the Bakken is getting better and better, but North Dakota Department of Minerals Director Lynn Helms had the numbers to show it. Not only are today’s wells vastly superior to wells of even two years ago, Helms said, but they now have a lifespan that is five years longer.

    “Initial production (on new wells) has increased from 1,100 barrels a day to 1,500,” Helms said.

    Coupling that with the additional five-year lifespan, that means 25 percent more recovery from every well bore.

    The new methods that created better productivity are also creating opportunities for economical refracs of old-school wells even at current prices — an “iteration” Helms called amazing.

    An iteration is a successive process in which the next solution is based on the last, but a little bit better than before.

    “You are getting more of the reservoir and using no greater footprint than in 2014,” Helms said. “You are still iterating, and it amazes me.”

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