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  • Couple finds new opportunities in Oil Patch after slowdownApril 10, 2015

    By Amy Dalrymple

    Low oil prices forced Daisy Delaney to park her truck in January after she had been hauling water in the Bakken oilfields for about a year.

    But she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to North Dakota.

    She instead went to work hauling gravel for Divide County, where her husband, Erik, also works as a mechanic. The couple moved from Texas to Crosby last year in search of high-paying oilfield jobs, but even though activity has slowed they say it’d be hard to leave their new town.

    “I don’t know about the rest of the oil industry, how they feel about the towns they’re working in, but Crosby is really a small town, hometown, good people, very welcoming,” Daisy said. “So you get attached to the people, you get attached to the town, you get attached to the lifestyle.” To continue reading, click here.