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  • Emmons County Economy Booming From Pipeline Construction ProjectJune 27, 2016

    KXNet.com – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND

    By Ben Smith, Reporter, KX News

    There is a boom going on in Emmons County.
    No it’s not an oil boom but a construction boom.
    The 1,100 mile Dakota Access Pipeline is being built across four states.
    Ben Smith takes us to a normally quiet part of North Dakota for the story.

    As a new restaurant owner, Cindy Zotti thought it would take a while to build a customer base.
    “We started in October, kinda late in the season to open a ice cream shop.  We opened, we had a really hot summer.  We stayed busy all the way through December,” says Cindy Zotti, Scoopz owner
    Then came construction season.
    “Really busy we’ve been getting record weeks, record months,” she says
    And with record temps ice cream is in high demand
    “We go through about 23 gallon tubs, twice a week, a lot of ice cream,” says Zotti
    Five hundred pipeline workers are now living in the area.
    Eating, sleeping, but mostly working on North Dakota’s portion of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.
    “We’ve just met a lot of really nice, wonderful people from all over the U.S. and it’s just made our first year a huge success and very fulfilling to be a new business owner,” says Zotti


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