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  • Forum editorial: Fracking dishonesty from DemsMarch 10, 2016

    Asked at their recent debate about hydraulic fracturing (fracking), Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders said they opposed the process that has revolutionized and revitalized the oil and natural gas industries in the United States. It’s a peculiar position for candidates who have taken great pains to define themselves as champions of the middle class. But it’s a perfectly understandable stance for them as they pander to the utopian environmental activists who make up a significant segment of the Democratic Party’s primary and caucus voting base.

    On the jobs front, fracking has created thousands of good middle-class jobs. As oil and gas prospered because of fracking, industries associated with energy development – steel, trucking, railroads, construction, engineering, etc. – also prospered. More middle class jobs. More economic activity.

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