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  • GE and Statoil collaboration announces winners of inaugural open innovation challengeJuly 22, 2015

    GE and Statoil’s Sustainability Collaboration announced today the five winners of its inaugural Open Innovation Challenge that focused on addressing the use of sand in unconventional operations.

    Five Winning Technologies Address Alternatives for Sand in Shale Development: Sand plays a critical role in shale development and the hydraulic fracturing process.

    The proppant is mixed with water and injected into a formation to “stimulate” or “prop open” the tiny fractures, enabling oil and natural gas to flow freely.

    Well stimulation requires hundreds of truck trips to transport materials, which increases road wear and traffic as well as noise, dust and emissions.

    By focusing on sand, the crowdsourcing Challenge looked for solutions that have the potential to reduce the environmental impacts on local communities, lessen emissions and make energy production more efficient. Continue reading…