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  • Hess starts its own pipeline ombudsman programJanuary 25, 2016

    By RENÉE JEAN [email protected]


    WILLISTON — Last year the state started an ombudsman program to help landowners resolve reclamation issues with pipelines. Hess, meanwhile, also started its own ombudsmen program to take a more proactive approach on the 1,200 miles of pipeline it owns and operates.

    The program is called Hess Community Connection and from February to December it fielded 205 calls to the program. Of these, 84 percent have been resolved. The remaining cases are in progress or on hold due to weather.

    Representatives of the program were at the Williams County meeting Tuesday to present information about the program to commissioners, since they sometimes also field calls related to pipeline problems.

    “Our management is committed to this process,” a representative told commissioners. “We wanted to give you a quick snapshot of what we have been doing and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.”

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