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  • How is the Bakken Similar to a Cookie?March 28, 2017

    WATCH: http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/6846966 

    Above ground, North Dakota’s energy industry produces almost one million barrels of oil per day.

    But what does that look like below ground?

    Tim Olson has tonight’s Eye on Energy.

    (Tim Olson) When Alison Ritter of the North Dakota Dept. of Mineral Resources describes the state’s oil patch, she might make you hungry for a snack, too.

    It starts with a salad bowl.

    (Alison Ritter, N.D. Dept. of Mineral Resources) “As you get to the center of the Williston Basin, it’s going to go down the farthest, that’s the deepest part of the bowl. As you come up, things are going to thin out. If you get towards the Watford City area, you’re looking at kind of the deepest, hottest portion of the bowl.”

    (Olson) And inside that salad bowl – is a big cookie.

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