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  • KORRIE WENZEL: Keep twisting Sandpiper valve toward ‘open’April 17, 2015

    The proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline passed a key milestone this week, further convincing us that its construction is necessary and, even, imminent.

    Eric Lipman, an administrative law judge in Minnesota, on Monday recommended that Sandpiper be built, albeit with a few conditions. He made that decision after taking five days of testimony and receiving some 2,000 letters about the pipeline.

    The next step for the Sandpiper is to receive a certificate of need from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Lipman suggested the certificate be granted, but with a few caveats, including that the company agree to cover costs for public safety agencies to respond to pipeline-related emergencies. Among other things, he also suggests that road access to pipeline valve locations be provided. To a novice, these seem like minor issues that can easily be achieved. To continue reading, click here.