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  • Local Resident Says Thanks Marathon Oil for CleanUp HelpJuly 15, 2016

    Marathon hail cleanupI cannot tell you how surprised I was when this group showed up! It all started off as I was walking on the side of my yard thinking to myself that I had no idea how I would get my yard cleaned up this time as I have been through many other storm clean up times! Actually, I was feeling very lost and bleak!! Then, a pickup with the most awesome women in the world stopped and asked me if I was thirsty or maybe even if I needed a rake?

    I replied that I thought I needed many rakes as the job was too big for me “in a negative and lost way”.

    Cheryl Dolezol was in the pickup and I heard her talking on her cell phone, “Do you guys know where Brantley Forgy lives”! I could not believe it and told her I would pay for the help and she stated no money was needed! I told her I would tip the team well.

    Then the blonde young lady gave me a case of bottled water. All of a sudden there was some “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak and within 30 minutes a team of 7 Marathon Oil guys showed up led by Cory Carlson.

    I had not seen Cory in years and he came up to me and told me he and his team were here to help! I told him I would gladly pay for the help, but he told me he could not accept any money and that he and his team were here to help in hard times.

    I worked side by side with this hard working team and they completed the yard clean up in around 90 minutes. A job that would have taken me many weekends was done in a short period of time and I now actually had time to turn my attention to house repairs.

    Have you ever been at a point in your life where the enormity of an event made you feel so bleak and without hope to be able to get through this time? Well, that was me and this group, the ladies, the guys, the equipment, and “The Company” Marathon oil all pulled together as a team to help not just me but many others in the community of Killdeer!

    This TEAM, spent the entire day and will continue tomorrow to help residents of Killdeer. No doubt, this team helped many other residents such as myself get through this hard time!!!!!!

    Thank you Marathon Oil and your dedicated employees as well as using your equipment for this task! Marathon Oil is a company that came into North Dakota to be a part of our state, not just search and produce oil! This company hired people from North Dakota and Killdeer ingraining itself into our state and community.

    One grateful resident of Killdeer, Brantley Forgy