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  • ND oil companies using multi-well pads to simplify extraction processJuly 26, 2016


    By Gurajpal Sangha | KFYR

    WILLISTON, N.D. – Oil companies are finding a new way to extract more oil from one location and are saving money along the way.
    The days of single well pads might be over.

    “We couldn’t do this five year. We couldn’t do this 10 years ago,” says Kathleen Neset, Neset Consulting Service.

    Now the days of multi-well pads are upon us.

    “What the oil companies are doing is experimenting right now. They are trying to find out what’s the optimum number of well bores for each area they are drilling in,” says Neset.

    Oil companies say having multiple well pads makes the overall process easier from acquiring land to completing a well.
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