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  • NDPC salutes stars of the industrySeptember 26, 2016

    By Renée Jean [email protected]

    Among the many big topics handled by big oil at the annual North Dakota Petroleum Conference this year in Minot, the industry took some time out to recognize four of its members for their work on behalf of the public and the energy industry.

    Kathy Neset, last year’s Hall of Fame inductee, presented this year’s award to Al Anderson, who is presently the Commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Commerce, where his job is to attract and retain economic development. Before that, however, he was a lead figure in the development of the Bakken, and in that capacity served on the management team for Tesoro Corporation and as a board member and chairman of the NDPC board.

    “For more than three decades, Al has been a stalwart of our state and the industry,” Neset said. “Throughout those years, he has demonstrated a commitment to education and responsible development of our resources to help the state meet its economic, environmental and energy security priorities. Today he continues to dedicate his time and resources to further developing our economy.”

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