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  • NDSU Williston Research Extension Center presents reclamation researchAugust 15, 2016

     Installing oil and gas pipelines is big business in the Bakken, and so is reclaiming the land that is disturbed during the process. North Dakota State University Williston Research Extension Center hosted oil and gas official Wednesday.

    It’s a topic on many minds in the agriculture and energy industries.

    “That reclamation does not happen by itself,” says Austin Link, NDSU Williston Research Specialist.

    Researchers at the NDSU Williston Research Extension Center wanted to share the research they are conducting on reclamation.

    “It’s important to get those members of the oil and gas industry to see some of the research that we are doing in addition to landowners we get from our field day,” says Link.

    And they want to bring both the landowners and the oil and gas industry together to gather the best information. Researchers talked about three projects: remediating a saline seep through perennial vegetation, cropping systems and pipeline reclamation projects.

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