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  • Oil and Gas Operators to Adopt New Technology to Help Curb EmissionsSeptember 8, 2016

    New regulations handed down by the EPA have changed the way the oil and gas industry operates.
    A new technology may help North Dakota’s oil producers meet those rules, while cutting back on the impact industry has on the environment.
    Even with a cost around one hundred thousand dollars, the use of cameras is becoming the trend for North Dakota’s oil and gas industry.
    “We are now working with industry to basically use it as one of our bread and butter measures for whether or not leaks exist,” says Jim Semerad with North Dakota’s Dept. of Health
    The state’s health department uses the FLIR camera to detect possible methane leaks coming from oil and gas storage tanks.
    Out of all their leak-detection technology, it’s the only one that makes the emissions visible.
    “That’s why it’s a game changer both for us and for industry in their own Q and A.  We can make our compliance inspections much faster and then of course, in doing so, we can do more sites, and they can do their Q and A checks much more frequently,” says Semerad.