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  • Recycling expert looks to turn waste from oil and gas operations into driving force for the industryFebruary 9, 2015

    Most people who work in the oil industry look at the muddy, black mixture of soil, rock fragments and drilling mud that make up drill cuttings and see a liability. They see a useless byproduct that incurs expensive disposal and treatment costs for exploration and production companies.

    Gary Beers sees a resource.

    Beers, an exploration and production waste recycling expert with Industrial Water Permitting and Recycling Consultants of Littleton, believes those drill cuttings — the leftover materials from drilling oil and gas wells thousands of feet below ground — can be efficiently processed and recycled as road base, providing a cost-effective source of the material operators need to build well pads and access roads in the oil field.

    A pilot project slated to take place in Weld County this year is designed to prove Beers’ point. Click here to continue reading.