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  • Richards, wildlife groups create biggest public access in North DakotaAugust 22, 2016

    ICHARD ANGUS RANCH — Nate Harling and crew are pounding in more than 100 signs around the biggest public hunting access ever created in North Dakota.

    Those yellow PLOTS signs, which stand for Private Lands Open to Sportsmen, are a sight for sore eyes to hunters looking for a place to go where there is no fee, no permission required.

    The Richard Angus Ranch on the far western edge of North Dakota consists of more than 20,000 contiguous acres that contain some of the most wildlife-diverse land around.

    Ranch owners Byron and Kathy Richard purchased what had been the Beaver Creek Ranch property north of Beach last year, with the idea of creating a cattle and wildlife legacy ranch for future generations. With miles of free-flowing Beaver Creek winding through, high bluffs, buttes and open range supporting everything from chirr-upping prairie dogs to bugling elk, it didn’t take Byron Richard long to realize he had quite an opportunity in hand.

    “This is a lot more than we need for a couple of family members,” he said.

    He contacted Harling, who manages access programs for the State Game and Fish Department. Harling, in true sporting style, took the ball and ran with it.

    The result is not only the largest PLOTS project ever, it’s also the first time so many public and wildlife partners have cooperated on a single project in North Dakota.

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