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  • State official says big pipeline spills should soon be a thing of the pastFebruary 3, 2016

    STANLEY – Pipeline spills should become a smaller problem in North Dakota after new regulations are developed, a state official said Tuesday.

    “We shouldn’t have large spills anymore. That’s my goal,” said Kevin Connors, pipeline program supervisor for the Department of Mineral Resources.

    Connors outlined the new state pipeline program to about 300 landowners, state officials and oil company representatives who gathered Tuesday in Stanley for a Northwest Landowners Association expo.

    New rules on gathering pipelines being proposed to the Industrial Commission this month aim to reduce the number of small pipeline spills and eliminate large spills that go undetected, Connors said.

    The rules, which the public will have the opportunity to comment on before they take effect next January, will emphasize better pipeline installation and more thorough third-party inspections.

    “Making sure these pipelines are installed properly is better than any leak detection technology out there,” Connors said.

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