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  • Texas Railroad Commission: Clarifying Texas’ requirements on transporting crude oilJuly 16, 2015

    It has come to my attention that several media outlets and commentators in North Dakota have reported that Texas requires oil producers to use a process called “stabilization” to reduce the volatility of crude oil transport. I would like to add some clarity to the discussion.

    As the chairman of Texas’ oil and gas regulatory agency, the Railroad Commission, I can unequivocally testify that these claims are false. Stabilization is not a process the RRC requires for industry to undertake in any situation. That said, if the product meets Code of Federal Regulations 49 — Part 195 Pipeline Hazardous Liquids definition of highly volatile liquid , there is increased inspection frequencies for over pressure protection, and knowledge of the product in the emergency response plan.

    It is the Railroad Commission’s job to allow industry to produce efficiently and economically, and to ensure that it does so in the safest, most responsible manner possible.

    I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding about how we conduct business in Texas. If my office can provide any additional information or assistance on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


    As published in the Bismarck Tribune, July 16, 2015.