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  • #ThrowbackThursday – Alexander AthleticsSeptember 3, 2015

    It’s Thursday, let’s throwback to a time, pre-shale boom…Small western North Dakota town, Alexander hadn’t had high school sports at Alexander Public School for years as the town was too small to sustain teams.  The few kids of Alexander had to co-op with Watford City High School in order to play sports.

    Moving forward to 2015: Thanks to the shale boom, families with kids have moved to Alexander and oil & gas job opportunities have allowed for the younger generation from Alexander to stay in town & raise families there.  The town is growing.  As of the middle of August, Alexander broke ground on a new high school, which will have the capacity to educate the growing population, expand STEM programs and sports programs too.  This fall, the Alexander Comets will be back, playing basketball, football and volleyball.

    The experience of playing high school sports is like no other.  It’s a time for kids to bond, grow, stay in shape, out of trouble, learn sportsmanship, honesty, competition and so much more.  High school sports is also a way for a community to come together and feel like home.  Friday night lights is one of small town America’s favorites pastimes and now Alexander, ND once again can participate.  The people of Alexander have been proactive in fundraising for sports teams to get going again.  Freshman Grace Nelson grew up in Alexander and told The Bismarck Tribune, “I was here when it got taken away, and I’m here when it comes back  That’s really exciting for me.”

    According to The McKenzie County Farmer, the Alexander community has raised $45,000 for the athletics program as well as an additional $28,000 for new scoreboards.  Alexander Public School Superintendent, Leslie Bieber told The McKenzie County Farmer, “Our first football game is coming up on Saturday, Sept. 5…It’ll be our first football game in 27 years.  We’re so excited and we hope everyone comes out for it.” GO COMETS!