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  • Union rep testifies in favor of new Hess pipelineAugust 3, 2016

    By Kevin Killough
    A public hearing on a Hess-owned oil pipeline south of Tioga brought out only one public comment, which was in favor of the pipeline.
    The Public Service Commission of North Dakota held the hearing Tuesday of last week in order to get public input on the project, as part of the process for approval of Hess’s application for corridor compatibility, route permit, and waiver of procedures.
    The hearing was administered by administrative law judge Pat Ward in lieu of the commissioners, who did not attend.
    Public comment
    Evan Whiteford, of Ray, was the only member of the public to speak at the hearing.
    Whiteford was representing Laborers International Union of North America, a labor union representing about 500,000 construction workers in a variety of industries throughout the country.
    Whiteford said he worked in pipeline construction for over nine years all over the country.
    He praised Hess on their commitment to safety. He said his experience working on Hess projects has been among the best.
    “They spare no expense on safety. Their safety is top notch, bar none,” he said.
    He said the union is in full support of the project.
    “We’d like to see it go,” he said.

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