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  • Veterans to be the focus of hiring summitOctober 11, 2017

    Veterans have long been sought after to fill many oilfield jobs that are available, but the channels used to recruit servicemember to the industry often fall short. Fortis Energy Services, a company that has shown years-long commitment to hiring vets, will host a summit on November 6 to discuss how employers can better turn their interest in hiring veterans into meaningful recruitment action. Once veterans are hired, the summit will also explore best HR practices to ensure veterans thrive in their post-service education and career environment.

    The summit will seek to:

    • Create regional awareness and engagement with State and national initiatives and potential industry partnerships for veteran recruitment and retention to improve capacity to attract military and veteran talent back to the state
    • Expand opportunities for ongoing employer networking to help smaller and midsized employers find appropriate veterans to employ, and learn how best to develop and retain them
    • Share resources, tools, and practices to effectively translate veterans’ “hard skills” (competencies) from military to civilian terms
    • Provide value to employers that supports the practical advantage of hiring veterans and understanding of veteran employees as competitive assets, and helps to justify continued veteran recruiting efforts
    • Highlight existing industry-level initiatives to increase employment opportunities in various sectors

    The summit will be held at Minot State University from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on November 6. For more information, contact Peter Corrado at 248.283.7100.