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  • Voodoo Crude: Testing dispels volatile rumors about crude oilAugust 18, 2015

    Anton Riecher, Industrial Fire World

    Hysteria rather than science is driving the misconception that Bakken crude is more volatile than other types of crude oil routinely shipped across the United States, said Chauncey Naylor, director of training and fire and emergency response for Tyco Williams Fire & Hazard Control.

    “We’ve got people running around saying that it’s like a bomb on wheels,” Naylor said. “It got us thinking that we ought to check into this stuff because we might be called in to deal with it.”

    A review of existing data together with live-fire testing conducted by Tyco Williams F&HC shows that Bakken crude is no more flammable than other North American light, sweet crudes, he said.

    “We had to throw the BS flag and say, ‘That’s not true,’” Naylor said. Continue reading…