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  • Weatherford’s commitment brings in big dollars for Salvation ArmyJanuary 25, 2016

    By Melissa Krause [email protected]

    WILLISTON — The slow start to the fundraising season caused alarm for the Salvation Army that they might not meet their already lowered projections for the year. Recognizing the importance the Salvation Army plays to the community, Weatherford stepped in in a big way.

    Crude oil prices continue to drop, which has caused many businesses and families to tighten their pursestrings in efforts to conserve spending to weather the slump.

    Last year over 7,000 people received aid from local Salvation Army programs and services. Its leaders knew if they were going to continue to aid to such large numbers they needed to meet a minimum goal.

    The holiday season is the most crucial time for fundraising efforts for many of the non-profit groups. So when the Salvation Army saw donations had decreased from previous years, this drew a red flag for the local organization.

    “Our Christmas fundraising efforts are so critical,” said Community Engagement Director, Kristin Oxendahl. “Our programs and services for the next year are dependent on that. Our economy is not as strong as its been in awhile…We were really unsure.”

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